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ejcs - 5 days ago
East Japan Contents Software Co.Ltd.

This mail is sent under the guidance of Shibuya police station in Japan.

We are performing the protection of copyrights activities of 240 companies which are making adult contents of japan.

The contents of the following animations are goods of PRESTIGE Co.Ltd.
Since the adult contents of the company of association affiliation have uploaded without permission of copyright by "unknown", deletion is demanded.

Uploading a video illegally will violate copyright infringement and trademark rights.
Please delete it immediately.

1.Corresponding URL infringement

okiteyaburi - 11 days ago
My video has been illegally uploaded on your site
It is very annoying. This is a crime.

Please delete the account as soon as possible
If you do not respond quickly
I will provide your information to FBI
I don't wish.
readbook - 12 days ago
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MTfirst - 12 days ago
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daddylovesyou - 17 days ago
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h615861768 - 17 days ago
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kkk_iii - 19 days ago
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koba1027 - 23 days ago
moneyshan88 - 26 days ago
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